Silent Hawk® YE

Centronics Parallel Data Capture System


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Silent Hawk 2

Requires a one-time purchase of the Server Application: $300.00


  • Eliminate data entry errors by removing the need to manually key in data.
  • Print out your data while simultaneously producing electronic archives.
  • Easily migrate your legacy systems and equipment data to a new system.
  • Process your data both electronically and physically in real time.

Capture Parallel Port Data

Silent Hawk® YEs capture data from a Centronics parallel port. This method of data acquisition creates electronic copies of your data while still permitting you to receive physical printouts. Data entry errors are minimized through this data capture system.

Ethernet Data Connectivity

Silent Hawk® YEs connect to a PC running our Silent Hawk E Control Console via an Ethernet connection. They transmit captured data and other messages over an Ethernet connection as well. This connectivity permits Silent Hawk® YEs to be accessed across local networks, wide area networks, and remote locations.

Automatic Capture File Segmentation

With automatic capture file segmentation, Silent Hawk® YEs place capture data into separate files based off of certain criteria. The use of script files provide users with a way to easily modify capture settings and affect changes to their capture data in real-time.

Default capture file segmentation options are:
Start of File (SOF): Segments data right before a user defined ASCII or Hex string.
SOF with Line Delimiter: Allows SOF segmentation to occur at a page boundary that is defined by the user.
End of File (EOF): Segments data just after receiving a user specified ASCII or Hex string.
Clock Time: Segments data at times specified by the user. Four different clock times may be specified.
Periodic: Segments data at a given interval. Users specify a time interval in minutes and segmentation occurs each time an interval occurs.

Reliable and Never Loses Data

Silent Hawk® YEs capture data non-intrusively provided that the Capture PC matches or exceeds the printer's data stream rate. While capturing data non-intrusively, Silent Hawk® YEs do not interfere with printing operations. If the capture PC begins to fall behind the printer's data rate, Silent Hawk® YEs will slow down the transfer rate of the printer so that the speed rates can be matched. Most important of all this ensures that your data is never lost.

Simple and Easy to Install

Silent Hawk® YEs come complete with all the cables required for use with a Centronics parallel data interface, a crossover cable and a patch cable. An AC/DC Power Adapter, a Quickstart Guide, and a Silent Hawk® User Manual are supplied with each Silent Hawk® YE as well. All that is required to use ta Silent Hawk® YE is a PC that is running Windows 98 or later, contains an Ethernet interface and the Silent Hawk® Control Console Application.

Silent Hawk® YE's Front Panel

Silent Hawk® YEs front panels provide indicators to users about the state of the data stream and allows users to test their data sources. The front panel LEDs notify users about the Silent Hawk's® status. Front panel switches allow the user to exit data capture via the Bypass Switch or test connectivity with the data source via the Hold Switch.

Silent Hawk® YE Specifications

Data Source PC Centronics Compatible Parallel Port
Capture PC IBM Compatible PC with 10 Base-T Ethernet (or better)
Operating System Windows: 98/98SE/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Windows Servers: 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019
Hard Disk Space Required 2.00 Megabytes
RAM Required 8.00 Megabytes (16 Megabytes with 100 Silent Hawks)
Burst Capture Rate 3.00 Megabytes / second
Sustained Capture Rate 200 Kilobytes / second
Max Capture File Size 2.00 Gigabytes
Line Loading 1 LS
FIFO Capacity 64.0 Kilobytes
Dimensions 2.4" H x 4.7" W x 6.4" D
Power Source 120 VAC 60 Hz/12.0 VDC 500 mA AC adapter
(220 VAC 50Hz - Supplied with European version)
Weight 1.25 Pounds