Software Middleware Solutions

PDF Generator

  • Convert the output of PCL printers to PDF files.
  • The PDF format allows simple and straightforward report sharing with others.
  • Easily backup and maintain print records without the hassle of paper and ink.
  • Convert PDFs while generating output copies or eliminate paper output.

Epson Image Creator

  • Convert print stream data of Epson Dot Matrix printers to image formats or to a PDF.
  • Supported image formats include JPEG, TIFF, and BMP.
  • Use along side an existing printer or replace the printer entirely.
  • Consolidate storage of your data or improve data redundancy in the workplace.

XML File

  • Transfer PCL printer data to XML Files.
  • Easily prepare XML files to be used with databases and other applications.
  • Choose whether or not paper output should be generated.
  • Easy automation of data conversion.

Custom Software Solutions

  • Fixed Pricing or Time and Materials Pricing available for custom software solutions.
  • Some software languages of our expertise: Assembly, C, C++, and Pascal.
  • Some software development tools we implement: Delphi 7.0, Turbo C++Suite, Turbo Pascal 6.0, and ATMEL AVR Studio.

Customization of JADTech Software

  • Fixed Pricing or Time and Materials Pricing available for customization of JADTech software.
  • Many JADTech Applications such as the Server Application, Remote Viewer and the RTD Option can be customized and adapted to accommodate unique needs in your work environment.