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From the Faroe Islands to Tanzania, JADTech Corporation provides quality products.
JADTech Corporation offers cutting-edge hardware and software products
as well as engineering and product development services.


JADTech has successfully delivered over 100 multinational OS/2, DOS, and Windows printer and multifunction device drivers. These included:

• PCL-5E drivers for 5, 10, 17 and 20 ppm laser printers supporting up to 1200x600 dpi resolution.

• PCL-5 device drivers for 12 ppm duplex laser printers and a 7/30 ppm Color Document (laser) printer.

• PostScript drivers for 12, 17, and 35 ppm duplex laser printers.

• PCL drivers for several inkjet personal printers and fax/printer inkjet class (OEM) multifunction devices.

JADTech is the only company offering a 32-bit OEM PCL-5E printer driver for OS/2. JADTech designed, built and delivered a DOS-based Remote Control Panel and Status Monitor System for a major manufacturer of desktop printers. The Remote Control Panel uses an innovative, Windows-like, point-and-click tab interface designed and developed by JADTech.

JADTech developed tutorial/demonstration software incorporating professional color graphics for Hewlett Packard color inkjet printers. The software was delivered on Hybrid (PC & Mac) CD-ROMs. The software incorporated support for preeminent word processing and presentation applications for both the PC and Apple/Mac platforms.

Key Personnel

Jack Demcak

Prior to founding JADTech, Mr. Demcak spent over 25 years as an employee of, and consultant to Xerox Corporation. He is recognized as an expert in the design, development, and support of printers and printing systems. He was influential in the design and development of Xerox's 1980's decentralized laser printer family. He managed the acquisition of third party printer drivers to ensure the success of the printer family.

Mr. Demcak worked closely with Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) to integrate diverse software and hardware into advanced, cutting edge systems for Xerox marketing probes.

Jon Templeton

Mr. Templeton has over 25 years experience in engineering, manufacturing and development of high technology products. While a program manager at Xerox Corporation, he was responsible for several multinational printer and software products with a total installed value of over one billion dollars. At Dataproducts, Mr. Templeton delivered the LZR 1260, a high performance PostScript printer that was heralded by Byte Magazine as a "...superior machine well worth $7995."

Mr. Templeton also has extensive experience in power systems, electronics product engineering, manufacturing methodologies, industrial design, optical systems, software and computer application development, business development, printing systems and systems integration.

Patricia Eccles

Ms. Eccles has over 15 years experience as a real-time programmer developing time-critical interrupt control software. She produced the high-performance Silent Hawk C-100 software and the IEEE-1284 parallel port communications support for JADTech's DOS-Based Printer Remote Control Panel products. Ms. Eccles was previously employed by Xerox Corporation where she developed complex graphics and communications software and firmware for a variety of printer controllers.

At Semetex Corporation, Ms. Eccles implemented critical state switching and timing control software for a Digital Hybrid Optical Computer.

John Johl

Dr. Johl is a consulting engineer developing architectures and implementations for video compression, including H.265. He has extensive experience in ASIC and FPGA design, specifically in the area of signal and image processing. Previously, he has worked on MPEG video compression at Mediaworks and sensor pre-processing applications at Newport Imaging. In addition, as Technical Manager at Intrinsix, he led several design and verification SOC projects including a Memory Translator ASIC and SDRAM Buffer for DVD chip. John Johl has accumulated over 30 years experience in both the defense (Hughes, TRW, McDonnell Douglas, United Technologies) and commercial industries related to signal and image processing.

Prior to his work in aerospace, he taught digital logic and microprocessor courses at California Statue University, Northridge, as Assistant Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering and performed research in parallel algorithms such as the VLSI Reed-Solomon encoder and decoder while at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Dr. Johl obtained his PhD from the University of Southern California, his MSEE from Carnegie-Mellon University, and his BSEE from M.I.T.

Robert Dennard

Robert is the Director of FPGA Design. Since joining us in 1997 Robert has been responsible for literally hundreds of FPGA designs for diverse companies ranging from Northrop Gruman to small commercial companies such as DIVATV, Sensci, Adept, and many others. Robert is “hands on” with every FPGA Masters design. The designs range from multi-million gate “mission essential” FPGA designs with embedded DSP processing to small “glue logic” designs.

Prior to joining us Robert was the Chief Engineer for the Wyle Laboratories MSTI satellite electronics design. While at Wyle, Robert’s group designed, built, and launched to space over 23 different circuit boards critical to the command & data handling, guidance & control, propulsion, and telemetry on board the MSTI series of satellites. In addition to his team responsibilities, he also directly designed several of the boards and FPGAs used on the boards.

Robert received his Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering from New Mexico State University in 1990 and his Bachelors Degree from the University of Maryland in 1980. He also has five patents related to control, and processing in human implantable medical devices.


MWA Consulting Inc., an independent printer testing organization, benchmarked the Xerox 4004 Personal Printer using the JADTech printer driver against the Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 500, Canon BJ-200, and Epson Stylus 800 inkjet printers. MWA's report stated that: "Overall performance results reveal that the Xerox Personal Printer 4004 held a significant performance advantage over the three other test configurations."

Our Customers

JADTech's customers vary in size from small engineering and graphic design firms to Fortune 500 corporations.

Some of our customers include:

AK Steel Corp.
Ansett Aviation Training, Australia
Astellas, Ireland
Atlantic Airways
BAE Systems
BC Lottotech International Inc.
Centurion Medical Products
Citizen Watch Co., LTD., Japan
Department of Homeland Security, MegaCenter
DOW Chemical Company
Eastman Kodak Company
Entergy Nuclear - JAF
Fire Department New York City
Hewlett Packard Company
Honda, USA
IBM Corporation
Kaiser Permanente
Leprino Foods Company
Lockheed Martin
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Los Alamos National Laboratory
NBC5 Chicago WMAQ
Pilgrim Telephone, Inc.
Progress Energy Florida - PGN
Public Works & Government Services, Quebec Canada
SRI/Surgical Express, Inc.
TD Securities (USA) LLC
Tektronics Inc.
Timonium Citgo Service Center
Traex Company, A Unit of Libbey, Inc.
United States Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM)
United States Pacific Command (USPACOM/MILSTAR)
Xerox Corporation

Value Added Resellers:

ADM Systems Engineering
Carolina Ophthalmics
Combined Technical Services Inc.
Command Alkon, Inc.
M/K Systems Inc.
Rising Star Technology
Tecksoft, Inc.