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Applications for Legacy Systems

Typically legacy systems provided only a printed output for results and end-user data collection, even if they provided a CRT or similar monitor for the operator to view the process data or results. The following is a list of example applications by industry.
Food Processing Capture output from high-speed weight scales and other quality and quantity measuring equipment. Embedded custom solutions are also available for capturing data sent to internal printers or replacement of internal & strip printers with electronic data capture and reprint capability.
Manufacturing Capture output from test and measurement equipment having only a printer output available. Make data immediately available for upload to support six-sigma quality programs, production control, etc. Eliminates re-key entry errors and allows you to know which part has the highest failure in your plant on a real-time basis. Printer may be eliminated or where machine set-up printouts or "travelers" are required data is captured without changing the current printing process.
Medical Capture output from blood and/or other analyzers having only a printer output available and convert the output to .jpg, .pdf or other file formats for storage or upload into database, billing or other systems.

Security, Alarm and Real-Time Monitoring System

Capture and display output from power turbines and other systems requiring monitoring and eliminate the use of printers. Display the output at one or more remote locations. Use keywords and key phrases to highlight important information. The QA manager may be interested in any instance where the phrase "OUT OF RANGE" occurs, the production supervisor may want to know anytime the word "STOP" occurs and the plant manager would want to know if the phrase "EMERGENCY HALT" occurs, while the system operator would have all of these, and maybe more, to be highlighted. Each monitoring system can also have a unique color displayed and a unique wave (.wav) file play for each keyword or key phrase.
Distribution, Transportation & Trucking Capture and transmit manifests and loading documents in real-time to a local or remote site for billing, tracking, analysis and/or archiving without eliminating the printed document(s).
System Migration and Conversion Capture a legacy system's data from its printer port in ASCII so that it may be loaded into a new system. This eliminates re-entry errors and can reduce data migration times from weeks down to minutes.