Silent Hawk® III-
IEEE Protocol Analyzer


(Includes the Software, Connecting Cables, Power Supply, and Carrying Case.)

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Silent Hawk 2

Additional Purchase Options

  • 32 Kilobyte FIFO Option: $195.00
  • 128 Kilobyte FIFO Option: $395.00
  • Binary Event Search (BES) Option: $895.00
  • High Speed Capture Option: $795.00
  • IEEE-1284 Protocol Decoder and Analyzer Option: $2495.00


  • Use the Silent Hawk III as a IEEE-1284 protocol capture or analyzer tool.
  • Supports all IEEE-1284 protocols including ECP, EPP, Nibble, Byte, Compatibility and Extensibility Modes.
  • Captures both forward and reverse printer commands and data.
  • Behaves like an asynchronous logic analyzer when using Event Capture Mode.
  • Saves time and increases productivity when used with the MLC and IEEE-1284 Decoder and Analyzers Option.

High Speed Capture Option

If this option is purchased with a Silent Hawk® III, the unit's specifications change. This package allows much faster speeds for each data capture mode of the Silent Hawk®. In Host Strobe Mode, a forward data capture speed of one megabyte per second can be easily sustained. In IEEE-1284 Analysis Mode a capture rate of five hundred kilobytes per second is obtainable. The High Speed Capture Option include a FIFO upgrade that brings the maximum FIFO size to 128 kilobytes from the standard 4 kilobyte buffer.

Silent Hawk® III Specifications

Capture PC IBM AT or IEEE-1284 compatible
Operating System DOS 5.0 or later
Hard Disk Space Required 2.00 Megabytes
RAM Required 512 Kilobytes
Mouse Support Microsoft Compatible
Burst Capture Rate 3.00+ Megabytes/second
Sustained Capture Rate 200 Kilobytes/second*
(Unless the High Speed Capture Option is purchased)
Playback Data Rate 240 Kilobytes/second*
Max Captured File Size 2.00 Gigabytes
Line Loading Less than 1 LS Load
DCU FIFO Capability 4.00 Kilobytes (Unless a larger FIFO Option has been purchased)
DCU Dimensions 2.4" H x 4.7" W x 6.4" D
DCU Power Source 120 VAC 60 Hz/12 VDC 800 mA AC adapter
(220 VAC 50Hz - Supplied with European version)
Weight 1.25 Pounds
Shipping Weight 7.00 Pounds

* Using a RAM Drive - Specifications subject to change without notice.