Silent Hawk Product Brief

JADTech's Silent Hawk product line offers solutions that are flexible, platform-independent, and reliable regardless of data capture needs.  Silent Hawk products can be adapted or otherwise customized to meet the needs, demands and specifications of any environment.  Silent Hawk units capture data reliably and quickly allowing for data acquisition to be done in minutes not days.  Silent Hawks are supplied with all the hardware required for data capture.
  1. - For Silent Hawk I, II and III Units:
     Any IBM Compatible PC running DOS 5.0 or later
    - For Silent Hawk XE and SE Units:
     Windows 9x/NT/ME/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
     Windows Servers: 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019
    - For Silent Hawk YE, TE, Serial YE and Serial TE Units:
     Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
     Windows Servers: 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019
    - For Any Silent Hawk E Series Unit deployed on Linux:
     A Debian-based Linux distribution
  2. For Silent Hawk I, II, and III Units, a PC with a Centronics parallel interface.
  3. For Silent Hawk XE, SE, YE and TE Units, a PC with an Ethernet network interface.
  4. For Serial Silent Hawk YE and TE Units, a PC with an Ethernet network interface.
Silent Hawk Products Overview
  • If hard copy outputs are required alongside of data capture, Silent Hawk I, XE or YE units are recommended to meet this need.
  • If hard copy outputs are not necessary, Silent Hawk II, SE, or TE units are the best choice as a solution.
  • If being able to choose whether or not physical paper output is generated, Silent Hawk I, XE, or YE units with a Null Printer and A/B Switch Kit should be purchased and implemented.
  • For simple and automated file segmentation, purchase a Silent Hawk XE, SE, YE, or TE unit or a Silent Hawk I or II with the AFS Option.
  • For IEEE-1284 analysis, select a Silent Hawk III.
  • If 1284.4 or MLC protocol analysis is necessary, a Silent Hawk III with the IEEE-1284 Decoder Analyzer Option should be implemented.
  • To replace an existing printer with a printer that will not generate paper output use a Silent Hawk C-100 Null Printer or Silent Hawk Null Printer Lite.
Software Overview
  • If the capture data needs to have non-printable characters or escape codes removed from it, the Control Console with the Real Time Display Option is capable of manipulating and deleting these characters from the capture data.
  • For distinct file segmentation needs based off different reports or print jobs the Unique Document Segmentation Option fulfills this requirement.
  • To view file data in real-time from any location, the Remote Viewer is a suitable solution.
  • Using the Silent Hawk Network Monitor Application you can be constantly informed about the status of Silent Hawk Products installed on any given site.
  • Custom middle ware applications process your data as it is captured in real-time. JADTech middle ware supports XML, JPG, BMP, and PDF file outputs.  Other output formats may be implementable in custom middle ware applications.  Call and ask for details.

Kit Overview

  • If selecting whether or not a hard copy output is generated for reports and data, an A/B Switch Kit with a Null Printer should be implemented.
  • To capture data sent via Ethernet to a printer, choose a Print Server Kit to use with your Silent Hawk Data Capture Unit.
  • Data acquisition from serial interfaces with a Silent Hawk Data Capture Unit is possible with the purchase and implementation of a Serial-to-Parallel Conversion Kit.
Custom Software and Hardware Design

Any piece of software in JADTech's catalog can be customized for specific applications at a fixed price or a fixed hourly rate of $32.56 per hour.  In addition to these products and kits, JADTech provides custom software development at a rate of $32.56 per hour.  JADTech Corporation also has experience with Embedded System and circuit design.  Fixed prices for custom products are negotiable if detailed product specifications are provided.