Custom Design and Engineering

JADTech Corporation provides Hardware, Software and Systems Design, Prototyping, Manufacturing and Consulting Services to meet the specific and unique needs of our customers. JADTech also customizes its own products to meet the specific needs of our OEMs and VARs.

Some of our areas of expertise:
• User Interface controls
• LED lighting systems (battery and line powered)
• Custom software applications
• Interface and control systems for printers and other computer peripherals (physical and data layer)
• Electronics systems chassis and enclosure design (Light Weight Portable to Rack Mount, injection mold to sheet metal designs)
• Low cost power supplies (including battery powered systems).
• Electronics and Hybrid Systems Project Management and Outsourcing
Circuit Board and FPGA Design: • PCI designs including PC-PCI, CompactPCI, & PMC-PCI - 33MHz/66MHz, 32/64bit, PCI-X
• VME designs including ruggedized and conductive thermal applications
• FPGA designs for XILINX, ALTERA, and ACTEL devices including IP core creation.
• Microprocessor and micro-controller design including '8051, 86HCxx, ‘X86, Pentium, 680x0, MIPS, PowerPC, PIC, Rabbit Core & ATMEL
Some of our tools include: • XILINX Foundation (ISE), ALTERA Max++ & Quartus, ACTEL Designer & Libero, SYNOPSYS FPGA Express tool sets
• Synplicity/Synplify Pro & MODELSim
• SPICE Simulation
• Software Languages include Assembly, C, C++, Pascal
• Software Development Tools: Delphi 3.0 thru 7.0, Turbo C++ Suite, Borland C++3.0, Turbo Pascal 6.0, Microsoft MASM, TASM, NuMega Technologies Device Driver Tools, Turbo Power Object Professional, RoboHelp for Windows, ATMEL AVR STUDIO, etc.
Custom Design Examples: • MIPS (IDTR4650) PCI based MPEG data handling and control card to customer spec.
• Battery powered, hand-held serial communications analyzer and bit error tester with embedded microprocessor to customer specifications.
• PC bus (ISA Plug & Play) multi-mode serial communication controller customer spec.
• IEEE1284 Port Analysis & Data Capture System (one of our own Silent Hawk® products). Multi-FPGA, board level design. Concept through customer support. This was a complete in-house design, including sheet metal, software, cables and carrying case.
• BrightGuard's Nova I Flashing LED Crossing Guard’s hand held (22 oz.) Stop Sign.
• IP cores for H265 video compression.
• User interface circuit & chassis design, plus production of "show ready" prototypes for Sony’s Digital Cinema Processor.