Silent Hawk® E Series

silent hawk se

Silent Hawk® SE

  • Capture parallel data electronically instead of printing, send it anywhere for display and/or processing.
  • Eliminate cost of paper, toner and ink. Or capture & convert the data to print on a workgroup printer with our custom middleware.
  • Increase reliability by eliminating mechanical printers.
  • Guaranteed capture of all data sent from a parallel printer port. Serial ports are supported with a Serial to Parallel converter.
  • Implements industrial grade Ethernet connection reliability & fault tolerance.
  • Use with our Real Time Display Option and Remote Viewer Applications to monitor the data of several systems at, and from, multiple locations.
  • Compatible with Windows 98 and later networks.

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silent hawk xe

Silent Hawk® XE

  • Capture data non-intrusively from slow and moderate speed systems while continuing to print, without changing your current system or procedures!
  • Send your data over Ethernet to a local or remote location for display or further processing.
  • Implements industrial grade Ethernet connection reliability, failover & fault tolerance.
  • Compatible with Windows 98 and later, including 2003 Server. Customized Linux version available.

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silent hawk ye

Silent Hawk® YE

  • Capture high-speed printing data non-intrusively while generating a hard copy output with your current printer.
  • Great for high-speed print streams, large amounts of printed data, as well as graphics & high volume printing applications.
  • 10/100MB Ethernet Network Connectivity for transmitting your data to a local or remote location.
  • Compatible with Windows 2000, XP. Vista, 7 and Windows Server 2003 networks.

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silent hawk te

Silent Hawk® TE

  • Capture large graphic and high-speed print data for downstream processes.
  • Eliminate costs associated with paper, toner and ink.
  • Great for data capture that requires fast response and a large buffer.
  • Use with our custom middleware to convert the print data to a PDF, jpg or bitmap, or to extract ASCII text from raster prints for populating your database.
  • Compatible with Windows 2000 and later

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