Silent Hawk® I

Centronics Parallel Data Capture System


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Silent Hawk 2

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  • 16 Kilobyte FIFO Option: An additional $100.00.
  • 64 Kilobyte FIFO Option: An additional $200.00.


  • Reduce data entry errors by removing the need to manually key-in data.
  • Diminish archiving costs by non-intrusively saving data as it is printed.
  • Compatible with legacy computer systems and equipment.
  • Capture and save data using Centronics parallel ports.

PC Parallel Port Data Capture & Transmission

Silent Hawk I units capture data in the print stream as it is sent to a printer.  Silent Hawk I's provide the ability to print hard-copy output while creating an electronic version of your data for real-time or batch processing.  Data acquisition in this manner eliminates errors associated with data re-entry.

Silent Hawk I units send their capture data to a Host PC via Centronics parallel cables.  A PC that is running the Data Capture Utility allows you to save capture data into a capture file.  New capture data files can be created automatically based off file size specification or manually based off manual file segmentation.

Reliable and Never Loses Data

As long as the Host PC keeps up with the print data rate, data capture for the Silent Hawk I is non-intrusive and it does not interfere with printing operations.  If the capturing PC falls behind, the Silent Hawk I will slow the data transfer rate of the Host PC.  Through this data flow management system, data is never lost.

Simple and Easy to Install

Silent Hawk I units come complete with connecting cables, AC/DC Adapter, Software, and User's Guide.  All you need is an IBM Compatible PC running Windows 95/98 or DOS 5.0 or later.  This unit is not compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7.

Fast Playback

You can send capture files or other print files to your printer with the Fast Playback feature.  The achieved playback data rate is measured and reported.  Great for measuring any PC's maximum throughput across a parallel interface.

Interface Signal Monitoring

LEDs on the front panel of the Silent Hawk DCU display the state of the Centronics interface. This provides users with a positive visual indication of the state of the data channel.

Additional Features

Additional features include the customization of default settings, an ASCII/Hex File Viewer, and Hold Data Transfer & Bypass Switches.  The Windows version of the software includes an append and overwrite file option for capture file.  Menu-driven software with online help provides access to all features.  Telephone support is available to registered owners.


Capture PC IBM Compatible PC with IEEE-1284 EPP or bidirectional Parallel Port
Operating System DOS - 5.00 or later; Windows - 95/98 (Application and VxD supplied)
Hard Disk Space Required DOS – 760 Kilobytes Minimum; Windows – 1.00 Megabytes
RAM Required DOS – 512 Kilobytes; Windows 4.00 Megabytes
Mouse Support Microsoft Compatible
Burst Capture Rate Better than 3.00 Megabytes/second
Sustained Capture Rate* Better than 210 Kilobytes/second
Playback Data Rate* 220 Kilobytes/second
Max Captured File Size 2.00 Gigabytes
Line Loading 1 LS Load
DCU FIFO Capability 8.00 Kilobytes (Unless a larger FIFO Option has been purchased)
DCU Dimensions 2.4" H x 4.7" W x 6.4" D
Power Source

120 VAC 60 Hz/12.0 VDC 500 mA AC adapter
(220 VAC 50Hz - Supplied with European version)

Weight 1.25 Pounds

* Performance may be greater with faster PCs and Parallel ports.