Silent Hawk®
Null Printer Lite


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Silent Hawk 2


  • Emulate a simple, parallel Centronics printer
  • Inexpensively replace a hard copy output printer and save on ink, toner and paper costs.
  • Firmware can be easily customized and reprogrammed, at an additional price, to suit any given environment's requirements.

Null Printer Lite Features

The Null Printer Lite has a simple front and rear panel design. On the rear panel, the mini Centronics C connector and Power Adapter connector are present. The front panel contains two status LEDs, the READY and BUSY LEDs, and a RESET/ACK GEN button. The RESET/ACK GEN button allows users to reset the unit and the LEDs keep users informed about the Null Printer Lite's printing status.


Data Interface Centronics Parallel
Sustained Data Capture Rate 150 Kilobyte/second or better
Dimensions 1.3” H x 3.4” W x 3.3” D
Weight 0.25 lbs.
Power Source 120VAC 60Hz / 9.00V DC 300mA AC Adapter
Power Consumption
~1.25 W